Physical Therapy

Sports Lab is one of the top physical therapy clinics in the country. Our combination of traditional physical therapy techniques and incorporation of scientific training leads to vigorous and speedy recovery of our patients.

Through ongoing education and training, our staff continuously investigates the latest technology and methodologies to integrate into our clinical programs.

Sports Lab Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance plans.


Sports Massage Therapy

Want to be able to train more effectively, more intensely and more often?  At Sports Lab, you’ll be training hard – so naturally, you’ll be sore.  Incorporating sports massage therapy into your workout routine will help you maintain a higher level of training, enhance your performance, and reduce injury.

Many athletes suffer from nagging injuries that prevent them from preforming their best in every competition. Sports Massage is also one of the best ways to get over an injury.

Even if you don’t train at Sports Lab and would like the beneficial experience of a sports massage, Sports Lab is here to help.