Over the years, Sports Lab has trained professional athletes in every major sport.

The Professional Athlete Program is designed to build on a professional athlete’s existing skill set. Our goal is to condition athletes with an intense workout strategy, while providing the resources to remain physically healthy. Screening for joint function and movement efficiency helps in preventing injury while maximizing each athlete.

We maintain and build upon the athlete’s speed, agility, power and core stability while refining and mastering their technical skills. As important as physical conditioning is, we believe that mental conditioning is equally important. We provide athletes with the tools to set performance-based goals, manage stress and control distraction within the world of professional sports.

Recovery and regeneration is imperative, and we have resources for one-on-one consultations with dieticians and sports psychologists.

Athletic Movement Screen and Evaluation:
Each athlete is put through a scientific evaluation of comprehensive tests to assess the quality and efficiency of movements. It is critical that we learn about your body before we tell you how we are going to make you a better athlete.

Prescription Training:
Based on the initial evaluation, the coach will determine the most appropriate program for the athlete and will outline a plan to help you reach your goals. Since every person is different and every sports uses the body differently, we make sure your conditioning is specific to you.

In addition to our rigorous and scientific training, as part of the package with Sports Lab, you’ll also receive treatment from therapists on our staff on a weekly basis.

We Have The Best Coaches:
Any trainer can follow a program. Great coaches understand how to make real time adjustments and have a scientific understanding of the human body. Everything you do at Sports Lab has a scientific purpose that has been tested on elite athletes for years by our coaches.

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