In today’s sports community, you cannot afford to wait until your first practice to condition your body for the upcoming season. Like it or not, training for your sport is now a year-round necessity – and you can bet that your competition is training somewhere.

Whether your goal is to just be the best athlete you can be, obtain a college scholarship or maximize your professional career, it is critical that you maintain your athleticism throughout the off-season and enter camp healthy and in-shape.

Our programs are many times co-taught by current or former professional and collegiate athletes.



·         Our programs start 6 weeks prior to a specific sport’s season beginning.
·         Workouts are three days a week for 1 hour each day.
·         Anyone in junior & high school can participate in the HS Season Prep camp.
·         All Season Prep camps are held at Sports Lab’s facility in North Portland.
·         All athletes are provided with a water bottle and t-shirt for participating in the camp.