You set a target to lose some of that stubborn fat. You start waking up in the morning for that early run. You have renewed your gym membership but one month later, you still struggle to fit into those skinny jeans that once gave you that stylish look. A feeling of frustration engulfs you and your self esteem reaches an all time low. What might be the problem? Do not be so hard on yourself, here are 5 common diet mistakes you might be making.


Skipping Breakfast

Skipping your first meal in the morning may seem like a sure way of cutting on calories, but this notion goes against what you want to achieve. Ignoring breakfast makes you hungrier in the course of the day, and you end up eating more by the time sleep. Taking a meal rich in fiber and proteins in the morning will help keep hunger at bay the whole day. It will also help you avoid little snacks that contain high calories.

High Calorie Drinks

Many people track what they eat but forget about their drinks. Coffee drinks and beverages contain more than 300 calories per cup. The calories in sodas and fruit juices are also high. These drinks should be taken in moderation, for overdoing them will spell disaster at the end of the day.

Avoiding Water

Taking in sufficient water helps shed body weight by increasing body metabolism. It is completely free of calories and makes you feel full, so you don’t have to eat a lot during the day. It also keeps you from drinking other high calorie drinks which add fat to your body. Many people avoid drinking water regularly, but six glasses a day is enough to do the trick.

Eating Heavy Meals

After a long day of starving yourself, you obviously over-eat once you get access to food. This will make the body go into panic mode and will tend to store up as much food as possible once you eat again to curb the next ‘starving session’. Divide your meals into small portions to avoid this phenomenon.

Ingesting Take-aways

Most people tend to buy their food from fast food restaurants due to their busy schedule. The food from restaurants often have high calories which is not good for your body. Cooking your own food will help you track what you are eating.

Fixing these mistakes will enable you reach your goals in no time. Combine a healthy diet with exercise and lots of sleep, and you will be amazed just how your body will transform.