Sports Conditioning:  *Youth *High School *Elite *Professional *Adult Whether you are an elite athlete wanting to maintain a high level of training in the off-season or just looking to get your body in better shape, Sports Lab has year-round conditioning programs that will help you see tremendous results. Through varying levels of difficulty, our programs… Read More

For those new to Sports Lab, or those returning to Sports Lab, the Athletic Movement Screen is the first step in the process for getting into one of our training programs. Sports Lab strongly believes that we must first evaluate your body & athletic development before we can recommend a program for you. Introduction   The Athletic… Read More

“One of the aspects of being an adult athlete is the lack of high level training options to elevate your skills as well as enjoyment of those sports you hold dear. Sports Lab fills this need. For the adult athlete looking to take their performance up a level, I can’t recommend Sports Lab highly enough.”… Read More

In today’s sports community, you cannot afford to wait until your first practice to condition your body for the upcoming season. Like it or not, training for your sport is now a year-round necessity – and you can bet that your competition is training somewhere. Whether your goal is to just be the best athlete… Read More

Over the years, Sports Lab has trained professional athletes in every major sport. The Professional Athlete Program is designed to build on a professional athlete’s existing skill set. Our goal is to condition athletes with an intense workout strategy, while providing the resources to remain physically healthy. Screening for joint function and movement efficiency helps… Read More