For those new to Sports Lab, or those returning to Sports Lab, the Athletic Movement Screen is the first step in the process for getting into one of our training programs. Sports Lab strongly believes that we must first evaluate your body & athletic development before we can recommend a program for you.



The Athletic Movement Screen (AMS) is a scientific evaluation in movement efficiency. The AMS was developed by Sports Lab’s experienced staff as a way to quantify an athlete’s ability to move athletically and prevent injuries.

Based on years of scientific research, this athletic assessment has been utilized by some of the top professional and amateur athletes all over the world.

The information provided by this evaluation acts as a tool to screen for areas of concern that may affect athletic potential, proneness to injury and athletic participation safety concerns. The AMS also helps Sports Lab’s staff determine the depth of an athlete’s athletic abilities. In addition it allows the Sports Lab coaches to see whether or not a referall to other medical specialists is necessary in order for the athlete to reach their full potential.



The evaluation begins as soon as the athlete is within the coach’s sight.  We start with a posture analysis, progresses into Sports Lab’s Dynamic Warm-Up and concludes with a movement examination.

Following the analysis, the coach will provide insight about how the athlete’s body functioned during the complex movement tests. Subtle movement patterns provide great clues to areas of weakness and inefficient neuromuscular compensation patterns.

The athlete will leave this evaluation with an in-depth understanding of how their body moves, where potential problems may lie and how they can begin to correct inefficiencies – thus minimizing their chance of injury and maximizing their chance of success on the highest level possible.