“One of the aspects of being an adult athlete is the lack of high level training options to elevate your skills as well as enjoyment of those sports you hold dear. Sports Lab fills this need. For the adult athlete looking to take their performance up a level, I can’t recommend Sports Lab highly enough.”

“I started attending classes 2 years ago after a serious skiing accident. Sports Lab not only helped me recover from a devastating knee injury but through specific training and conditioning, enabled me to become a much more efficient and high-level athlete.”

Jim Kean, Managing Director, Bridgespan Capital

Active Adult Conditioning

The Active Adult Program is designed for adult athletes interested in conditioning for a healthy active lifestyle. Our goal is to condition adults with an intense workout & develop their skills in order to build a fit, strong body. We maintain and build upon agility, power and core stability while providing adults with knowledge to prevent injury.

Sports Lab Training Center has developed this program to enable adult athletes to continue their participation in healthy competition and individual growth. This energetic one hour session is continuously using new techniques and workouts in order to keep you physically challenged. Attending this program will enable you to continue leading an active lifestyle.

Athletic Movement Screen

Those interested in getting into the Active Adult training program should first regsiter for the Athletic Movement Screen (AMS) so that our coaching staff can elevaluate your body, current level of fitness and injury history.